Our Company

We are Nequis.com

The days of boring apparel are over! Our team of designers and manufacturers work tirelessly to bring you an amazing catalog of products that are sure to help give you the look you're passionate about!

Our mission is to provide you with apparel that shows your personality, that's why 95% of our products are custom designed and printed or crafted to your order.

If you're happy with stuff you can buy at Walmart or Target, you probably won't need us. But if you want to express yourself more, we will ensure you are satisfied. So, if you ever have any suggestions for a design or how we could improve what we do, please get in touch! We love hearing from you... the good and the bad. That's how we grow. 

If you have a group or event that needs custom designs or large quantities of either your own design or one of ours, let us know! We love working with you person to person, and can even sponsor or partner with you. 

Have questions? Drop us a line on our contact page, we’d love to hear from you!

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1603 Capitol Ave.
Cheyenne, WY
United States